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We Believe in Safe Storage For What’s Important

Convenient Storage

Our air cooled storage are the safest bet for storing sensitive items such as:

  • Art – air cooled storage is best for artwork. Paintings and fine art can shrink or expand in extreme temperatures.
  • Delicate fabrics – Clothes, antique toys, or upholstered furniture can grow mold or mildew in humid environments.
  • Delicate paper items – Books, magazines, comics, and photographs can turn yellow in extreme temperatures.
  • Electronics – Computers, speakers, and cameras can corrode and grow mold in humid environments.
  • Metals – How metals react to moisture in a storage environment. Iron will rust, copper turns green, silver turns black, and lead will turn into a white powder.
  • Optical discs – Optical discs like CDs, DVDs, and video games should be stored in cool, dry environments.
  • Vinyl records – High temps can cause warping, and temps too low can create a record to break in half.
  • Wood furniture or instruments – Antique wood items and woodwind instruments don’t do well in fluctuating temperatures. Our convenient storage is the perfect spot for your furniture.

Ashley Storage

We have two facilities to meet your storage needs. When you rent from us, you’ll have 24-hour access to your belongings. Give us a call to reserve a unit today!

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